Thursday Gossip: The High School Besties

So I told you all on Tuesday that I was going to start writing more about the gossip that is going on in my life, butttt you first need to know about all of characters! And I figured the best place to start would be my best friends from home. I’ve known them the longest, some even from kindergarten, and they knew me before I even realized how spoiled I am. 

The Fashionista: (I’ll refer to her as F)

This girl is my soul mate, at least my girl soul mate, because I haven’t met my guy fucking soul mate yet. We’re even wifey and wifey on facebook (aka we’re married, just neither of us would ever be reffered to as hubby). We were casual friends from middle school on, but it wasn’t until Junior year that I considered her my bestie. This girl is pretty much delusional, but in the best way possible, just like I am. She is even more spoiled than I am. Example: On a shopping trip she’d drop $350 on a pair of Chanel sunglasses, while I was calling my Dad to Ok $350 I spent in Abercrombie. But ugh that was actually a bad example because, we’re kinda just spoiled in different ways. My family takes weekend trips to our Florida home, but her family loves their designer wares. Anyway, she was always the god damn best dressed person in school. I was dressed well, but she looked like the freaking manican (is that how you spell those statue things? whatever, you know what I meant). F is also the best kind of Jewish girls there is. The Jewish girl who is friends with all the Waspy girls. I love F because she is all my guilty pleasures rolled into one. The ‘It’ night clubs, the hott clothes, the nice restaraunts, and all the sparkle. But sparkle can get fucking boring sometimes; F doesn’t drink as much as I do, and she obsesses over stupid things wayy more than I do, (Seriously who cares that your sister gave a shout out to her old best friends in a club?), and she does not make a fool of herself like I do. But thank god for F because who else would agree with me that that skirt is effing hideous, and the girl wearing it (your ex’s new boo) is a troll?

The Dumb Blonde turned Brainy Brunnette: (We’ll call her G)

This is the bitch I’ve known since Kindergarten. She ripped my Samantha doll’s hair bow out and I demanded she leave my house. But once she made me paper flowers with her flower press I decided to give her another try. And G was a blast until she went to college. where she all of a sudden cared about grades and shit. Whoa whoa whoa, but before we get to college lets go back to when we were trouble makers. G is the first person I drank with (we stole vodka from her basement and chased with apples, like the fruit not the drink), and she’s the first person I snuck out with (and ended up walking through a muddy feild). I always got better grades than this girl, and she always slept with more boys than I did. But then everything freaking changed when she went to the state college and didn’t have any friends and spent her days in the library. Blahhh she turned into one borrrrring girl, except she always has sucky boyfriends so I get a laugh out of that.

The Cheerleader: (I’ll call her B)

I’ll tell you about her later tonight… I actually need to do work at work. oops.

xoxo the spoiled life



Wednesday Whine: The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian is as fake as the handbags I used to get on Canal St. when I was in middle school.

The Whine:

Um excuse me, but is anyone else feeling like a fucking idiot? I got so wrapped up in the Kardashian hype that I couldn’t see all the crazyness that family really is! While I must say I was never a fan of Kim (cough wet blanket cough), Kourtney and Khloe totally were my besties for a couple of years. Well until this last season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians when I truly saw how much they let Kris (the mom) and Kim run their lives. That stupid fake wedding was the demise of their empire, I’m sure of it. I feel stupid for caring what dress she wore, I feel stupid for caring that she was all of a sudden besties with demi lovato, and I feel stupid for watching all the boring crap about Kris’ (the mom) stupid face lift. SERIOUSLY HOW BORING IS KIM THAT HER WEDDING SPECIAL IS ABOUT HER MOM’S FACE LIFT? whew… whatever, I’m just so over the Kardashians. Kourtney and Khloe may be fucking hilarious but they are just as whipped by their mom as the rest of America has been the past few years. Their ultra fake show is ruining GOOD reality TV, and no one messes with my reality tellie!

The Solution:

Well I heard a little rumor about a petition going around to end KUWTK on E!, so I decided to do some googling. Low and behold I found the website to sign the petition here. And I was very surprised there were 48,000+ signatures already. So what the heck I signed that bitch. I’m sticking up for what I believe in, and I don’t believe in fake.

Oh and tonight I’m chugging some wine to forget how fooled I feel. Hope you get to too!

xoxo the spoiled life

Tuesday Trick: Nude Eyeliner

Eyeliner is supposed to define the shape of the eye and darken the lashline right? Right. Well, in most cases.

Growing up I remember rimming my bottom lashes, and my top lashes with heavy black eyeliner. I drew on them everywhere I couldnt find a surface, inside the lashline and outside of it. Eventually I grew up and realized this was not the best look and started refining my routine.

I started using different colors, like brown on the top and a deep plum along the bottom. I ventured into smudging the line so it wasn’t so stark and crisp. I learned about putting a shimmer eyeshadow at the inner corner of my eye to brighten my gaze.

Now my newest trick is actually using a nude/cream/champagne color on the bottom waterline of my eye. Make sure it is a kohl eye pencil or specially formulated like this Tarte Inner Rim Brightener if you try this out yourself. I’ve always had narrow eyes (that get even smaller when I smile! ew!) but this gives the illusion that they’re a tiny bit bigger.

If you pull down your bottom lid and swipe on the nude color (make sure you also follow with your normal bottom liner) you will not believe the difference you’ll see. Others will notice too, even though they may not be able to put their finger on it!

xoxo the spoiled life


** Decided I’m going to include more personal experiences on here as well; well because I think my life is just THAT funny. But since I was looking for something to write about on Thursdays, I think I’ll make that Thursday Gossip. So look out for that new entry this week, I’ll probably be describing all of the back story on the different characters I deal with daily!

Make Life Pretty Monday: The Little Things

It’s the start of another work week, and all I have to say is Boo to that. This Monday is even more difficult for me because I just spent the weekend back at my old college. I got to see my sorority family, my freshman year floor-mates, and my pledge sisters. My friends from school have all ended up in different places but we are still very good at seing each other at least once a month. What made this weekend different was that everyone I loved was in ONE place at ONE time.

“OH MY GOD, YOUUU WOULD!!!” Is what I heard all day from all the young babies still in school. They were talking about the metallic leopard slap koozie I was using around the champagne bottle I was toteing around. It is the little things that make everyday, mundane things pretty, and make people smile.










So the next time you see something while checking out, don’t resist the urge to add it to your cart. It could be YOUR metallic leopard slap koozie!!

xoxo the simple life

Friday Finds

Today is the first of my Friday Finds, which is a post I’ll be making every Friday (hopefully!) of all the interesting pictures, tips, facts, and laughs I’ve compiled throughout the week. If you’re anything like me you scour the internet while at work or watching TV, looking up random facts, searching for similar pants Blair was wearing on Gossip Girl, and browsing for the perfect (but easy!!) recipe to impress your boyfriend, or friends. Well this is a little recap of the best Finds I made through all my Google searches over the week.

Cutest New Trend:  A scarf tied in a bow.









Best Organization Idea:  Magazine Holder for your Hair Tools.










Life Changing Product: Pasta Measure (I don’t know about you but my family always cooks enough pasta for three families. And yes we eat the leftovers BUT it’s never as good as fresh pasta. With this tool we can save ourselves from over-estimating!)








Best Deal: Every Color Flats you can Imagine! Only $11.50! Find them here.








Happy November 11th, 2011:

Hope you all enjoyed my finds this Friday! You can always let me know if you’ve found something fun, unique, or pretty at or by tweeting me @spoiled_problem.

xoxo the spoiled life

Wednesday Whine: Hair Coloring

Hey Spoiled Ones!

For the first Wednesday Whine, I am going to talk about a girls relationship with coloring their hair. (and when I whine I tend to curse so I apologize in advance!)

The Whine:

1. “It never comes out like the effing picture!!”: We all do it; google image search for hours our favorite celebs hair. We pick a couple of our favorites and smile from ear to ear just thinking of how great we’re going to look after our appointment tomorrow. We show the stylist, they explain what they’re going to magically “mix up” to recreate the picture, and then the foils come out and while we’re still smiling on the outside, we’re really screaming in our head “IS SHE EFFING COLOR BLIND?”.

2. “My hair color has worked or 10 years, and I’ve got multiple compliments on it, but UGHHH I need a change jusssst in case it could look better“: Why do we feel like the complete opposite of whatever color we have is always going to look ABSOLUTELY great this time around? We tried it 3 times before, and had to book emergency appointments to change it back but this time will be different. Well sorry to say but we’re always wrong, dead wrong.

The Solution:

-Don’t fuck with what’s been working for you! Instead think of something that can just enhance what you already have. Spend your money on real human hair clip in extensions (post to come later). They aren’t permanent so you can change your look whenever you feel like it, and add volume and length to enhance your natural look.

-Drink some wine instead of whining! I swear by it!

xoxo the spoiled life

Welcome to The Spoiled Life!

Hi there my fellow Spoiled Ones!

Whether you have been spoiled from birth, found a friend or significant other who spoils you, or have decided to spoil yourself, we all deserve the spoils in our life.

This is the place where the spoiled can find some company, and learn to take advantage of the lap of luxury!

Spoiled Life








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